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Customised lanyards and wristbands

Personalise your badge or rosettes with a photo of the bride or groom, birthday boy or girl.

All we need is a clear photograph – preferably JPG, BMP or TIF. Don’t embed it in a word document or pdf file as this makes it harder for us to get a good image.
Please ensure that you have the permission of the photographer to use the image.
It doesn’t matter if there is a background or other people in the background of the photo, as we can perform a quick and simple cleaning up.
Please remember however that we cannot print what is not there – so don’t send heads that are chopped off !
If it’s an old photograph that you cannot arrange to send in digital format then just post it to us and we will scan it for you.
So – all you have to do now is decide on the wording that is required, and in the case of the rosettes, you also have the added decision of choosing your ribbon colour(s) for the rosette style of your choice.

In the case of sashes, we cannot reproduce images in photographic quality due to the limitations of the printing process. What we can do however is print a monochrome image on the sash. Depending on the quality of the image, this might need to be reduced to a line drawing to get the best effect. The best results on usually obtained on white ribbon with a black ink. Due to its nature, the metallic silver and gold foils don’t lend themselves to reproducing good images. If you are in doubt about the quality of the photo and how it might work on a ribbon then just send it as an attachment before you order and we can tell you what options are available.
If it’s a company, school or society logo then provided it doesn’t have too many subtle half tones and can be used in a monochrome style, then we should be able to print it on the ribbon.

Then move hen party badges to number one badges or hen night badges from hen night rosettes